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If you're looking for:

🧩 A story that begins in one of London's most beautiful Victorian cemeteries


🧩 A cat who leads you to liminal landscapes, where the everyday twenty-first-century world melds metaphysically with those of the past

🧩 A quest of the heart to satisfy a lust for wander, that whisks you away to the most enchanted locations that time almost forgot

Then hang in there, my friend.

Hold on... shhhh. Listen.

Could that be the sound of typing?

Click the cat's radio to hear something else. 































#UrbanFantasy #UrbanFolklore #SacredGeometry #Steampunk #LondonFolklore #DarkAcademia #Gothic #Timelines #MadScience #GrandDesigns #Egyptomania #EnchantedPlaces #LiminalSpaces



© Anya Hastwell 2024

"Is there... Is there anybody out there?"

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